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The bowling approach involves 2 specific bowling techniques:
Stance and ball position. To get that perfect shot you need to have a perfect stance. Bend your knees slightly and let your spine angle forward. The correct stance gives the power required to push off with strength and balance. The other factor that determines your performance on the bowling alley is the ball position. During approach hold the ball at the same height as your waist. Shorter people can hold it a little higher for that extra power. After approach comes the swing.

The swing involves 4 additional bowling techniques:
Timing, release, rotation and finish. To be right on target, every time, good timing is crucial. To get the perfect strike one must know when to release the ball. The ball should be released when the arm is at the very bottom of the swing, right next to your ankle. As you release the ball rotating your fingers just a little lets you create a nice hook. This is rotation. The arms should be pointing towards the ceiling at the end of the swing. This will allow you to give a high number of revolutions on the ball.

Bowling hook:
A bowling hook can increase your potential as a bowler. Putting some spin on it can enhance your chances of scoring a strike.

Choice of balls:
Knowing how to choose a ball is a trait of a good bowler. The different weights, sizes and materials used are enough to confuse any beginner. The right ball ensures better strikes.


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